Day 1

I am closing in on the end of the first day of my 30 day fast. Yesterday was supposed to be day 1, but I cracked at around 5:30pm, on the subway on my way to therapy. To be fair, I had not taken my ADD meds so my appetite was out of control to begin with.

I haven’t decided if this will be a juice fast or a water fast or a coconut water fast or what. I think probably coconut water — it’s cheaper than juice and it’s straight forward. No choices to be made.

So far today I have had two green juices, one red juice, one hemp milk, half of a cashew milk, and one coconut water. Tomorrow will be mostly or entirely coconut water. The easy part of day one is behind me, the difficult part is ahead. I’m a nighttime eater, and no matter how determined I am during the day, I can always find some reason to cave.

I haven’t told anyone that I’m doing this because I’m afraid of The Judgment, so I’ve created this blog instead.

I do hereby resolve to eat no solid food for (30) days, as an exercise of will power and a demonstration of capability. People do it all the time.

I can do this.


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