Fast Day 2 (PM)

Today has been really hard. So much harder than I expected. I got a headache around mid-day, with awful tension and pain at the base of my skull and the top of my neck. My energy is low, and about four hours ago I got very nauseated. The nausea hasn’t gone away, and I can’t even bear to drink water. That said, I am thinking about food CONSTANTLY. All kinds of food. I made two trips to the grocery store today for supplies (lemons, cayenne, coconut water), and both times I saw people eating pizza or carrying pizza boxes. I felt so envious. Imagine getting to eat whatever you want!! Pasta with cheese. Stromboli. Even the thought of white rice makes me salivate, and I can conjure up the smell.

As the blogs warned, my tongue has turned white. It’s encouraging at least to know that my symptoms are typical. This nausea though is just awful and very ominous. I could probably get through one more day feeling like this, but just barely. Tomorrow I am supposed to do Pilates with my dad and then spend the evening at my parents’ place with friends. I haven’t told anyone that I’m fasting, and I’m nervous about explaining my reasons. The truth is that I just need to take control of some part of my life. Everything else feels unmanageable, but this is something I can do. Just barely.

My weight has gone UP somehow. I can’t imagine how, but it’s true. I guess I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Starting weight: 140 lbs
Day 1: 137 lbs
Day 2: 140 lbs


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